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Cosmetic Product Safety Report Packages


The preparation and submission of formulas and data in order to supply your completed CPSR's is a time consuming process. Therefore where a purchase does not lead to a completed CPSR we reserve the right to charge an admin fee where a refund is made.

With the greatest respect to all our valued customers, we are not an unlimited source of free advice. We understand that making the decision to purchase a CPSR is not always an easy process, but until a purchase is made we cannot go into detailed advice. Our packages are designed to be relatively simple to understand and should you find you've purchased an inappropriate packege we will happily then advise you, and move you to the most suitable for your requirements.

SURCHARGES:... On occasions the laboratory will highlight the need for additional testing for several possible reasons and where these are required, additional charges will need to be applied. Commonly these are... TVC (Total Viable Count) where an actual product sample is required to test. Challange or Stability testing, which again require samples and may take several weeks to complete. Quite commonly additional surcharges are applied where interaction between multiple fragrance materials requires further exploration OR where Exposure viability requires authenticating, such as when a product is designed for the body but you (the customer) require it also for facial use.

When submitting your complete forms with your formulas and information please ensure they are clearly completed as either a text document in Word or similar word-processing program OR as a PDF. Hand Written information can sometimes be difficult to read and requires us to re-write before submitting to the chemist. We therefore reserve the right to charge a modest admin fee if re-writing documents.

Please note that once your recipes have been submitted, if you don't receive any feedback from the chemist, that usually means they're writing your assessments and your recipes are fine! We'll contact you with any news or changes that the chemist will need making, and can relay any feedback you pass to the chemist.

For Assessments to be complete before 22nd December, assessment forms MUST be received before 5:30pm on the 24th November 2017.

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